Our Adolescent Sessions

What is the aim of the Montessori method for the Adolescent:

  • to transform themselves into independent, self-regulating, resourceful and adaptable adults.
  • to become interested observers, listeners and collaborators, critical thinkers and engaged citizens.
  • to express their own opinions, develop their own talents, make decisions and solve problems, on their own or collaboratively, with a confidence that is grounded in the practical, social and intellectual knowledge, skills and values they are developing in the Montessori environment.
  • to contribute productively, with enthusiasm and integrity, to family, and community life, and to the wider society, both national and global.
  • dedicate themselves to the future of humanity

(Montessori National Curriculum)

Session Details

Address  Yandina RSL Hall – 24 North Street Yandina, 4561
Times  9:00 – 2:30pm
Days  Thursday
Costs $60
Children per Session 15
Guide  Rachel Gibson

Sessions operate QLD term time

Our Daily Schedule

Support with individual work Math and English
Community group project planning
Work choice of individual project/community group project
Packing up and games
Pick up

Our Adolescent Guide

Rachel Gibson

Rachel Gibson

Adolescent Guide

Rachel Gibson

Founder Montessori Homeschool Collective

After attending a Montessori conference in 2005, surrounded by beautiful, inspiring, like-minded people Rachel knew she had found her place in the world and took a pledge “To Champion the Cause of all Children” and each day since has done just that. She took up studies, on the development of children from 6-12 years and emersed herself into diverse childhood environments and age groups. She constantly educates those around her on how they can positively impact in a child’s life. Rachel follows the words of Mother Theresa “I alone can not change the world but I can cast the stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Rachel has worked in a myriad of environments preparing them to meet the developing needs of the child. Through observation, practical knowledge and love she has inspired the human spirit in many children and parents.

Rachel's mission is to nurture the greatness of each Child Body, Mind and Spirit.


Montessori HomeSchool Collective
Sunshine Coast, QUEENSLAND