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Many people say that…

Children need to be at school.

But what they REALLY NEED is to be educated (with quality)
and we can provide this education at your home.

Homeschool Collective

A Trend that has become a reality…

Immediate Start!

1:1 Tutoring & HomeSchool Support
One-Year Curriculum Plans + Online Bundle!

This is your Chance to Personally Conduct Your Child’s Education,
with Much More Freedom, Flexibility and Organization!

Every child is unique.

And we will design a customized curriculum for you,
respecting the government’s prerequisites as well as your child’s needs.

“The Montessori approach inspires children to follow their natural developmental trajectory.
They become responsible, independent learners and rely much more on their abilities…”

Rachel Gibson, Founder Montessouri Homeschool Collective

The World Is Not Changing...

It has already changed.


Your child's ANNUAL Curriculum Plan

We'll build it together at the first meeting as soon as you enrol.

Here are some areas of interest that we provide:

✅ Mathematics
✅ Geometry
✅ English
✅ Science
Earth Science (Geography)
Chemical Science (Chemistry)
Biological Science (Biology)
Physical Science (Physics)
Civics & Citizenship
Economics & Business
✅ Technology Design Digital
And more, much more!

All adapted for each age group:

6-9 years old
✅ 9-12 years old
✅ Teens

If you want to know the Curriculum of each subject, you can find more information in the end of this page.

In conclusion, this teaching program covers all Montessori curriculum areas and equips parents with the skills they need to build TRUST and KNOWLEDGE to educate their children at home!

Everything you need to MAKE the learning of your children as easy as possible with so much support along the way.

Rachel Gibson
Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Hi everyone,
I don’t know if you have the same perception as me, but many believe that the world is changing…
I don’t.
The world has already changed.
Many professionals (and even large institutions) have already changed the way they work, breaking paradigms and INNOVATING.
And all these changes in our society require the application of new skills in the roles we play in life, especially our parenting role.
There’s no point in fighting all this, especially when it comes to school education.
The School has always been fundamental to education.
But one thing is a fact…

Education is Above School.

That is, what the child needs, is to be EDUCATED and to DEVELOP.
And this NOT necessarily has to be done in a mainstream school!

Many parents have already realized that the excessive standardization of learning in a face-to-face school has limited the development of important skills that the children need throughout life…

Such as RESILIENCE, CONCENTRATION, SELF-MOTIVATION and other skills that transform the child into a responsible, independent learner.
Each child is unique and deserves special attention in the development of their skills!
And that’s exactly what the Montessori Homeschool Method provides.

Homeschooling has existed for a long time…
The Montessori Method then, for even longer!Roots of the method can be found in the 19th century (more precisely in 1907) when the Italian psychiatrist Maria Montessori founded the Children’s House.
But what I want you to understand is…

The world is constantly evolving...

There’s no other way, if we don’t fit in, we will naturally experience consequences… and nobody wants that!
Many believe in “not having time for homeschooling” because they must work.
I don’t know if you know, but you don’t have to sit down with your child all day — they can learn to be self-directed!
It is part of the Montessori method itself.
Organized and in the Right Depth!

Most people who think they don’t have time may have not yet met a method of homeschooling as ORGANIZED as it should be.
Here at Montessori HomeSchool Collective, we take homeschool organization seriously!

We know that many parents are afraid that their children will not learn enough… or that they do not have enough knowledge to educate them.Opting for a HOMESCHOOL Education (with the Montessori Method), is a trend that has become a reality!

And among many reasons, the following stand out:


Educating at home doesn’t have to be something “heavy” and “boring.”
On the contrary, it can be something LIGHT and CHEERFUL!
We know that every family has a specific routine and needs and the Montessori Method can provide for these!
Because I have trained, taught and guided in Montessori environments (for about 17 years), I have worked extensively with children and their families!

While working closely with homeschool families, they have shared with me their needs and desires for their children.

I listened carefully to everyone and provided what they sought.
An incentive space that provides guidance and orientation and uses Montessori materials.

All this encourages RESILIENCE, INDEPENDENCE, SELF-MOTIVATION and a lifelong love for learning… Moreover, homeschooling is simpler than you might think!

I understand the feelings of guilt, fear and frustration that parents have when transitioning to homeschool education.

By the way, I felt that too.
And these feelings arise because most people cannot find the right guidelines, support and orientation and end up getting lost in exhaustive information.

But the Montessori HomeSchool Collective has arrived to help you with this honourable task of educating with ORGANIZATION, SAFETY and LOVE.

It's all 100% online!

Let me explain how this is going to work:

How is the Child and Parent Experience at Montessori HomeSchool Collective?

The routine is very simple… 

Once the registration is approved, I will schedule a 30-minute consultation with you to create your child’s ANNUAL CURRICULUM together.

One whole year (with the scope and sequence), FULLY INDIVIDUALIZED for your child!

The lessons are already recorded and available in your Online Member Area…

And remember that your Access is Immediate!

By the way, it is there that you will also have access to all the extra materials, to further facilitate your child’s learning.

I thought of everything with alot of AFFLICTION and provided the meticulous SKILLS you will need, following the Montessori Method,
which inspires children to develop a unique love for learning and following their natural path of development.

The Montessori method encourages them and allows them to get involved in spontaneous and purposeful activities…

Facilitating the development of CONCENTRATION and CHEERFUL SELF-DISCIPLINE! Your child will advance at his own pace, following an ORGANIZED STRUCTUR
E, according to their individual capacities and adaptation to the context! 
In addition, if you choose to, your children can participate in a LIVE LESSON with me (EVERY WEEK). This will give me the chance to check their activities and talk about their experiences.It’s like I said: a HIGHLY PERSONALIZED Educational Program!

Can you imagine the power of a program like that?

What is the Investment in this program?

We have prepared a very special package to make sure that the investment does not impede your child’s enrolment in the Montessori HomeSchool Collective. All these materials (and the level of attention and SUPPORT) that we will give you in this program, are very close to a Private School. That is… When it comes to the EXPERIENCE that you and your child will have in the Montessori HomeSchool Collective (and the QUALITY OF EDUCATION), we could charge something around $7,000.00 annually… which is the average price for a Montessori Private School. Especially because this is a ONE-YEAR curriculum that you can renew every year. But we’re not going to charge this amount. On the contrary…

We’ve greatly reduced costs here (WITHOUT LOSING THE QUALITY) and have managed to keep the official price of the entire course to just $1,497.00.

By the way, I have more good news … We decided to temporarily release some scholarships with a


reducing the price even more!

That is, instead of paying
you will pay only $599 for the Annual Plan!

That’s exactly what you read …

If we divide $599 by 365 days, it’s the equivalent of $1.64 per day.

That’s the value you will pay to have the support and complete curriculum at the Montessori HomeSchool Collective!

In other words, we’re talking about a Scholarship with a 60% DISCOUNT for the Annual Plan, which you can receive RIGHT NOW by pressing the button below and completing your child’s registration!


The Scholarships can change at any time without any warning!

So don’t leave this page! If you do this, you might not be able to secure a spot for this price when you return.

The time to act is now, if you leave it for later, you may risk missing a GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

Secure your spot right now…

Last Chance Before the Price Increases...

Immediate Start!

1:1 Tutoring & HomeSchool Support

One-Year Curriculum Plans + Online Bundle!

Scholarship with 60% DISCOUNT!

From $1. 497.00 to


See below the most ideal model, press the button and complete the registration:


You can register now and cancel at any time during the next 7 days!

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Kind words:

Rachel Gibson 
Founder Montessori Homeschool Collective

After attending a Montessori conference in 2005, surrounded by beautiful, inspiring,
like-minded people, Rachel knew she had found her purpose in life.
She pledged “To Champion the Cause of all Children” and has done just that each day.
Rachel took up studies on the development of children from 6-12 years.
She immersed herself in diverse childhood environments and age groups.
She constantly educates those around her on how they can positively impact a child’s life.
Rachel follows the words of Mother Theresa “I alone can not change the world,
but I can cast the stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Rachel has worked in many environments,
preparing them to meet the child’s developing needs.
Through observation, practical knowledge and love,
she has inspired the human spirit in many children and parents.

Rachel’s mission is to nurture the greatness of each child – Body, Mind and Spirit.


Areas we can provide for 6-9 year old interests:

Areas we can provide for 9-12 year old interests:


Each child is unique and deserves special attention in the development of their skills!
And that’s exactly what the Montessori Method provides.
It was created to meet in a UNIQUE way, to suit ALL children, including those who need even greater attention!
The only separation that the method makes, is in the Curriculum, considering the age range of the child, for respecting the development phase. Other than that, it’s perfectly adaptable to all children.


Here at Montessori HomeSchool Collective, our attention is not only on the child, but also on the parents, to make the conduct of this process as LIGHT and JOYFUL as possible.

The system sends your access password immediately after the confirmation of your registration, which happens as soon as the payment of your registration is identified.

You receive access data in the same email you used to register.

Access to content can be done through mobile phones, tablets, TV’s, in addition to the computer… all you will need is internet access.

Yes, we will deliver our best, involving our entire team in learning about your child and we will also follow your evolution in the conduct of the process!

The Montessori HomeSchool Collective is not limited to a set of recorded classes…


It is a complete course, which involves:

# Content delivery
# Processes
# Orientation
# Targeting
# Feedback
# Interaction in the exclusive community…

The first meeting takes place right after the payment is confirmed, for the purpose of creating your child’s Personalized Plan together.
The next ones are WEEKLY and group.
One LIVE CLASS per week with the children, direct with the teachers, for an individual check of the week’s activities.
And one LIVE Session per Week, designed exclusively for parents, to answer all questions about driving your child’s learning!
It’s the time when you’ll be able to share everything that’s working (and what’s not working), and receive direct guidance for your program.

And more…

You’ll be able to join our EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY, to interact in real time with other parents and exchange rich homeschooling learning experiences!

If for one reason or another you don’t like something within course, you have 7 days from confirming your payment to send a single email to without any justification, just asking to leave the course. You will get 100% of your investment back and neither I nor anyone on my team will call to try to convince you otherwise.

Just send an email to

The commencement is immediate!

Once the registration is approved, our team will schedule a 30-minute consultation with you, to create together, your child’s ANNUAL CURRICULUM.

Your child will advance at his own pace, following an ORGANIZED STRUCTURE, according to individual capacities and adaptation to the context!

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Immediate Start!

1:1 Tutoring & HomeSchool Support

One-Year Curriculum Plans + Online Bundle!


Scholarship with 60% DISCOUNT!

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TO $599


You register now and can cancel any time in the next 15 days.

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