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Weekly Lessons

Lessons are put together following th Montessori curriculum so you don't have to think about it. Week by week you will have lessons to present to your child along with materials and resources to print. Each lesson we have various ways for your child to carry out work to engage all types of learners. It might be a conversation, making a poster, hand on exploration. Finding what engages your child.

Montessori Approach

Children have an innate passion for learning, and the Montessori method provides this and gives them opportunities to engage in spontaneous and purposeful activities. Through their work, children develop concentration and self-discipline.

Curriculum Plans

Our team will work with you to help customise a home education plan for your child.
Our plan is individualised with your support to meet the needs of your child. Guiding you with the registration process for your state.

Having the support of an experienced team , GUIDING, DIRECTING and SUPPORTING the daily lives of parents and children new to homeschooling, is precisely what makes the biggest difference in homeschooling!

And that’s exactly what you can hope for at Montessori HomeSchool Collective…

We will guide your child’s learning.

And are with you each step of the way!

“I am here to help you on your journey.  I have worked with children and parents for over 20 years and from the start felt my purpose was to change the education landscape. I am a mum of 4,  I have worked in schools, with homeschoolers and parents. Working with homeschoolers amplified what I already knew, the education system is not for everyone. However, parents also felt they weren’t skilled enough to carry out the task themselves.  I developed systems that work for homeschoolers to support parents.

 Parents saw results when they shifted to homeschooling: Children with crippling anxiety feeling safe in the world. Children without friends becoming social and feeling confident in themselves. Becoming self directed when before they needed to be told what to do.Concentrating for periods of time on what they were INTERESTED in. Branching out and finding their passions and what they are good at. 

Imagine the gift of know what you are good at and what you have to offer the world.  I know your child can thrive and be all that is possible.

Rachel Gibson, Founder Montessori Homeschool Collective

Every child is unique!

And we will personalise our curriculum for you,
and assist with the registration process in your state.

What is the Child and Parent Experience at Montessori HomeSchool Collective?

Our platform is divided into the Four Planes of Development.

We understand each family has different needs so, how you choose to structure your day is up to you.  We suggest starting with the daily diary and first work.  We have found this helps set parameters and helps that need direction in becoming an independent learner.

This also mean you won’t have to sit with your child all day because they will become self-directed.


Following setting up your first work routine I suggest a lesson or project work where your child will engaged in work, they are interested in.


Participating in household chores as part of homeschool curriculum learning practical life skills and contributing.

 You’ll have access to Montessori Basics where we describe in detail what a typical Homeschooling day can be like! 

And there’s more, much more! 

Our  goal is to for your to feel supported and to provide the best possible homeschool experience with your child.

Remember Your child's ANNUAL Curriculum Plan is PERSONALIZED!

We’ll build it together on the first meeting, as soon as you enroll.

  • Resources

    Lessons will have printable resources or links to virtual materials, used by Montessori to give concrete experiences and hands on exploration where possible.

  • Organized Structure

    Your child can progress at their own pace, and allow for spontaneous activity and you can also follow an organised structure knowing your child won’t get left behind or have gaps in their understanding of concepts that will support them through life.

  • Weekly Live Class

    In addition your children can participate in a WEEKLY LIVE CLASS, directly with me, and a small group of their peers for support and a lessons

SELF-MOTIVATION and a lifelong love for learning...

How do you register your child?

It’s pretty simple.
Just hit the button below, fill in the form and finalise the registration.
Once the payment is approved, you will receive the login details to access the Online Portal and a welcome email which will begin the process of us assisting your with your personalised curriculum plan.


Register now and you can cancel any time in the next 7 days.
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Each child is unique and deserves special attention in the development of their skills!
And that’s exactly what the Montessori Method provides.
It was created to meet in a UNIQUE way, to suit ALL children, including those who need even greater attention!
The only separation that the method makes, is in the Curriculum, considering the age range of the child, for respecting the development phase. Other than that, it’s perfectly adaptable to all children.


Here at Montessori HomeSchool Collective, our attention is not only on the child, but also on the parents, to make the conduct of this process as LIGHT and JOYFUL as possible.

The system sends your access password immediately after the confirmation of your registration, which happens as soon as the payment of your registration is identified.

You receive access data in the same email you used to register.

Access to content can be done through mobile phones, tablets, TV’s, in addition to the computer… all you will need is internet access.

Yes, we will deliver our best, involving our entire team in learning about your child and we will also follow your evolution in the conduct of the process!

The Montessori HomeSchool Collective is not limited to a set of recorded classes…


It is a complete course, which involves:

# Content delivery
# Processes
# Orientation
# Targeting
# Feedback
# Interaction in the exclusive community…

The first meeting takes place right after the payment is confirmed, for the purpose of creating your child’s Personalized Plan together.
The next ones are WEEKLY and group.
One LIVE CLASS per week with the children, direct with the teachers, for an individual check of the week’s activities.
And one LIVE Session per Week, designed exclusively for parents, to answer all questions about driving your child’s learning!
It’s the time when you’ll be able to share everything that’s working (and what’s not working), and receive direct guidance for your program.

And more…

You’ll be able to join our EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY, to interact in real time with other parents and exchange rich homeschooling learning experiences!

If for one reason or another you don’t like something within course, you have 7 days from confirming your payment to send a single email to rachel@montessorihomeschoolcollective.com.au without any justification, just asking to leave the course.

You will get 100% of your investment back and neither I nor anyone on my team will call to try to convince you otherwise.

Just send an email to rachel@montessorihomeschoolcollective.com.au

The commencement is immediate!

Once the registration is approved, our team will schedule a 30-minute consultation with you, to create together, your child’s ANNUAL CURRICULUM.

Your child will advance at his own pace, following an ORGANIZED STRUCTURE, according to individual capacities and adaptation to the context!

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