English and Math Tutoring
Experienced Montessori Teachers
Tailored program
5 – 16 years

Nobody gets left behind

Our tutoring program is tailored for your child.  Taking them specifically from where they are and adapting teaching methods to suit their unique learning style. 

We understand not all children are the same and we don’t fit your child into a box. Instead we fit our turning to meet the learning needs and style of your child teaching key concepts your child may have missed.  We use a hands on approach to connect your child to lessons and engage the mind.

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Experienced teachers

Our tutors are experienced teachers who understand children’s need and know how to boost your child’s confidence.

Free Assessment

Our FREE assessment will identify your child’s learning style, strengths and weekness and any gaps in learning.

How much does it cost?

Our initial assessment is FREE and will determine how we can help your child. Following tutoring sessions are $75.00

Does your child need support?

We are here to help with specialist support to teach your child the way they learn.

What do we Tutor?

We tutor children from 6-12 years in math, english and how to research.

Personalised learning program

Your child’s program is developed to meet their individual needs, focussing on gaps they may have in their understanding and building confidence.  No two children are the same and neither are our tutoring programs.

60min Weekly Sessions

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